Know Your Impact


Meet our family of artisans who handcraft each jewellery piece from start to end. This means that each jewellery piece that you own holds great hope for their future, and holds the promise of preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

Vannak, Artisan

A self-proclaimed “lazy boy” before becoming trained as a silversmith, Vannak’s family was struggling to make ends meet. Becoming a silversmith turned Vannak’s attitude around, and his relationships for the better. Now, not only is he financially independent, but he is able to help his mother financially with her farm. Vannak is now married with a daughter.

Ratha, Artisan

Ratha used to work at a construction site - which proved dangerous and laborious work. Thinking about his past saddens him when he thinks back of the accidents and times when he would faint at work. Now, he celebrates how his life has completely changed and gets better step by step. Ratha got married in early 2015, and now has a daughter!

Ravin, Artisan

Ravin used to work on the morning glory farm, and endured a difficult life atop the “dirty water”. Now, she celebrates being able to use her creativity, and intelligence in improving her technique in silversmithing; rather than exhausting brute strength and long hours on the farm. When we first met Ravin, she had to sell her bicycle to make ends meet; shortly after joining our team, she saved enough money to buy a motorbike. Now, she is the proud mother of a baby girl.


Sopheak, Artisan

Sopheak used to work as a tailor at the local market for little profit. After learning silversmithing, and over his years with us, he has grown in confidence in his craftsmanship, and enjoys working with designers particularly. He supports his family with his salary, and takes pride in being able to provide for his father’s medical needs. His father has now recovered fully. Sopheak has grown in learning responsibility, respect, and patience.


Srey Oun, Apprentice Artisan

Before joining our family, Srey Oun worked at a morning glory farm opposite our workshop, spending long hours submerged in dirty water, causing many health problems. Srey Oun first joined us as an apprentice silversmith, and continues to hone her craft. Now, Srey Oun celebrates good health, and the ability to support her mother and her 9 year old son.




Bunna, Artisan

One of our newest recruits, Bunna has a knack for creating geometrical and simple designs. He has a quiet and cheerful demeanour, and loves especially to play with the other artisans' children. He is looking forward to the birth of his daughter at the end of this year.