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The heart of our work lies in our people. We believe in the magic of small batch manufacturing in a world of mass production. To know our impact behind the things we own, and for our artisans to be known by those who adorn their jewellery.


Our story began in 2011, rooted in the little dusty city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city. Cambodia, once heralded as the "Paris of the East", led us to the discovery of years of cultural heritage, rudely interrupted by years of war. Years of craftsmanship and knowledge honed over generations was lost.


In 2013, we opened a small studio in Phnom Penh hiring graduates from a silversmithing vocational training school. Our dream is to continually redefine the traditional craftsmanship of jewellery making, by creating re-inspired contemporary designs of jewellery in history. 
Our jewellery celebrates and honours the covenant love between creator and all created things; between man and wife; between family, and between friends.