How it began

Our Story

At Covenant Jewellery, our priority is people. This is why we have kept our production in-house in Phnom Penh, Cambodia - where we have full autonomy over the care of the people who make your jewellery. 

The purpose behind our brand is to create meaningful employment opportunity for our artisans. They are very much the meaning and ministry of our business. We believe in investing fully into the lives of our artisans, slowly improving their skills and capabilities to master craftsmen and craftswomen since 2014. 

When we first started work in 2011, we started under the brand Saught, making jewellery from artillery shells to tell the story of Cambodia's past. Slowly, we had more and more customers (us included) who asked us to make their wedding bands. We realised that it was quite difficult to find wedding bands and engagement rings that were ethically made - a consideration close to our hearts, especially for a piece of jewellery to be worn daily. 

Soon, the number of wedding band and engagement rings tipped the scale for us to make a full rebrand and shift from Saught to Covenant.

And this is the future that we take hold of, and the promise that we believe in for our artisans. Elevating their craftsmanship with artful, inspired delicate designs that are heirloom pieces of jewellery - stories to hand down to generations to come. 

Our Story